Inline portable & popups

Lightweight Is Your New Luxury

Bigger isn’t always better.  Inline, Portable and Pop-Up exhibits enable you to minimize set-up and tear-down time while adding the freedom of flexibility.  Wise Owl Productions works closely with you to design a high impact visual to showcase your brand. The creativity and convenience these exhibits offer is an instant luxury.

Inline Exhibits

Wise Owl offers Inline (linear) exhibit booths.  Inline Exhibits project a bold visual allowing space for your product or brand to display beautiful graphics and messages to capture attention.  

Portable & Pop-Up Exhibits

Lightweight displays are ideal for smaller, short-term spaces where a creative impact can be achieved with a smaller exhibit footprint.  Portable tabletop exhibits pop up and retractable banner stands and backdrop displays are all solutions that offer flexibility for your needs and budget.  Wise Owl Productions will work closely with you to create a design to dominate the space, regardless of its size.

Recent Inline Portable & Popup Projects