Our Team

Work With Us

At Wise Owl, we understand how to make your business, product, and brand stand out in the crowd.  Our team works to create a complete experience, one that captivates your audience, facilitating an ultimate connection.  In fact, our reputation is built upon it.

When you work with us, you experience a team who is passionate about leveraging custom, captivating designs delivered with the highest quality of craftsmanship.  Most importantly, Wise Owl listens and delivers a solution to meet, not exceed your budget.

Team Members

Ross Mendenhall | General Manager

 Richard Meyer | Sr. Designer

 Brandon Ogle | Production Manager

 Terri Creasy  |Financial Manager

 Les VanBuskirk | Designer

 Josh Kinney | Account Executive

 Erin McCormack | Account Executive

 Amy Daley | Account Manager

 Elizabeth Ross | Account Manager

 John Moses | Production Assistant

 Eric Monroe | Production Assistant

 Kevin Voland | Production Assistant

 Noah Hill | Production Assistant

 Lonnie Morrison | Production Assistant

 Gabe Smith-Purvis | Production Assistant